SKIRTS UNIVERSITY MAKE YOUR OWN SUCCESSWorking with top pros and pioneers of jig-fishing, BOSS Outdoors has created an unmatched offering of Jig Heads.  We look at jigs as a mechanic would look at his toolbox.  That being said, there is no situation on the water that you cannot effectively approach. Whether it be thick brush, matted grass, or deep rocky ledges-we’ve got the right tools for the job!

Nearly a decade ago, the widely known jig manufacturer decided to partner and join forces with and their vast selection of skirt making materials.  This created an unmatched advantage for fishermen.  Used together, make any jig any time anywhere in any style.

If you need a Crayfish, build a Crayfish.  If you need a Shad, build a Shad.  If you need a Bluegill, build a Bluegill.  With millions of combinations, you can build the exact jig you need for the exact situation.  Making your own jigs with this concept, your imagination is the only limit.

How long does it really take to make a fishing skirt?  -with Cliff Pace

How long does it really take to make a fishing skirt? -with Cliff Pace

These extraordinary custom built bass jigs were assembled from our vast selection of BOSS jig heads, skirting material, trailers, and soft plastics.  

 These completed builds are not for sale, however, if you click on the top of the card on the “BUILD #” it will open to reveal the products used to make it.

Our intent is to show you the value in making your own bass jigs with our products.  By making your own custom jigs, you will discover an enormous selection available on this site that far surpasses the limited offerings at big box stores.   Save money, save time, fish more!