Build #17 Brown Craw

TODAY'S BUILD brown craw finesse

Today’s build is a finesse version of “Brown Craw.” You get two skirts for the price of one. Pictured left:  BOSS #b178 3/8 oz. Stand Up Football Jig in Brown.  Pictured right: BOSS #b152 3/8 oz. Heavy Wire Football Jig in Black.  Skirt build for both lures pictured:  1 tab #178 and 1 tab #394, banded and cut in 1/2.

Products Used in this Build

b178 boss standup football jig
Product: BOSS standup football jig brown 4 pack 3/8 oz (SKU: b178, quantity: 1)
Price: $6.00 ($6.00 each)

sku b172 b167 b157 b152boss heavy wire football jigs
Product: BOSS heavy wire football black 3/8 oz (SKU: b152, quantity: 1)
Price: $6.00 ($6.00 each)

sku 178 finesse brown brown barbed wire print
Product: solid brown bw (SKU: 178, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.50 ($2.50 each)

Product: LIVING IMAGE brown craw (SKU: 394, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.70 ($2.70 each)

bass jig skirt making tool
Product: skirt making tool (SKU: 590, quantity: 1)
Price: $4.00 ($4.00 each)

rubber skirt black bands
Product: Black Bands 100 pack (SKU: 607, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.00 ($2.00 each)

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