Build #46 Molting Craw V2

TODAY'S BUILD molting craw v1

Molting Craw Version #1 features our #B233 Boss Wood Walker Jig paired with a custom Skirt build: 2 tabs #009 mixed with 1/2 tab #411, and a Netbait trailer #2071 Paca Chunk color Black Neon.

Products Used in this Build

wood walker black
Product: BOSS Wood Walker Black 1/2 oz 4 pack (SKU: b233, quantity: 1)
Price: $7.00 ($7.00 each)
[custom_add_to_cart id="2412" size="medium" quantity="1" show_price="false"]

Paca Chunk Black Neon
Product: NetBait Paca Chunk Black Neon 3″ 6pk (SKU: 2071, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.79 ($2.79 each)
[custom_add_to_cart id="40093" size="medium" quantity="1" show_price="false"]

sku 009 black red glitter
Product: Black Red Glitter (SKU: 009, quantity: 2)
Price: $4.00 ($2.00 each)
[custom_add_to_cart id="759" size="medium" quantity="2" show_price="false"]

Product: LIVING IMAGE molting craw dalmation (SKU: 411, quantity: 1/2)
Price: $2.70 ($2.70 each)
[custom_add_to_cart id="1416" size="medium" quantity="1/2" show_price="false"]

bass jig skirt making tool
Product: skirt making tool (SKU: 590, quantity: 1)
Price: $4.00 ($4.00 each)
[custom_add_to_cart id="845" size="medium" quantity="1" show_price="false"]

rubber skirt black bands
Product: Black Bands 100 pack (SKU: 607, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.00 ($2.00 each)
[custom_add_to_cart id="3536" size="medium" quantity="1" show_price="false"]

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