Build #13 Summer Craw

Today’s build “Summer Craw” features the NEW BOSS Wrecking Ball Jig. . Skirt build 1 tab #134 and 1 tab #161. Trailer used is a #2115 Netbait Paca Chunk Sr.  color Summer Craw.

Note:  The jig-head pictured here is a custom painted jig-head for display only.  See our full line of BOSS Wrecking Ball Jigs here.

Products Used in this Build

Paca Chunk Sr Summer Craw
Product: NetBait Paca Chunk Sr Summer Craw 3.25″ 5pk (SKU: 2115, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.79 ($2.79 each)

Product: LIVING IMAGE summer craw dalmatian (SKU: 134, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.70 ($2.70 each)

sku 161 green pumpkin black dalmatian
Product: green pumpkin black (SKU: 161, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.20 ($2.20 each)

bass jig skirt making tool
Product: skirt making tool (SKU: 590, quantity: 1)
Price: $4.00 ($4.00 each)

rubber skirt black bands
Product: Black Bands 100 pack (SKU: 607, quantity: 1)
Price: $2.00 ($2.00 each)

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