BOSS Jig Armor Black Silver Foundation [SKU: b873]


Boss Outdoors is proud to release BOSS Jig Armor-our own custom powder paints.  BOSS worked for nearly a year in research and development, we have a full line of different color mixes and formulas for ultimate color selection and adhesion properties.  The paint will temporarily come in 2 oz. bags.  This is the first color of a 2 step process required for all Illusion colors.

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BOSS Jig Armor Black Silver Foundation

This Black Silver Foundation is the base color for all of the Jig Armor Illusion colors.

  • Start with this paint,  cure at 375F for 8 minutes,
  • Then use one of the illusion paint colors like a clear coat, or second coat.

These colors were custom made for proper adhesion to one another and large separation on small objects which allows for the details you see in the photos.

Example for Blue Illusion:  paint your jig with the Black Silver Foundation first. bake for 8 minutes at 375F,  then do a top coat with the Blue Illusion bake at 375F for 10 minutes and you get the Black and Blue Illusion jig.