Soft Plastics

We’re proud to add two extraordinary brands to our family of products.  NetBait and V&M Baits bring years of success in the soft plastic bait industry.  Our Pro-Staffers have put together a selection of the best performing soft baits in the industry today.

The V&M Wild series is all about “wild” action, which is why the V&M Wild Craw is designed with fluttering J-shaped claws that provide a lethal thumping action. Along the body, the V&M Wild Craw is fitted with a number of appendages that provide complimentary micro-movements. As with all other V&M products, the V&M Wild Craw is made using pork fat to attract fish and make them hold on longer. Offered in a range of proven colors, the V&M Wild Craw delivers the type of wild action that will have your live-well overflowing.

The V&M Flat Wild produces a lethal hard thumping action that can be used on almost any application and excels on Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, jigs, or flipping and pitching. Featuring two meaty claws and two long appendages, which provides its “wild” action, it also boasts a hefty body built with air trapping ribs that create a small bubble trail and subtle vibrations designed to entice strikes from wary fish. Just like all V&M soft plastics, the Flat Wild is infused with pork fat and super-scented for maximum fish attraction. Offered in a range of colors, the V&M Flat Wild delivers a “wild” action that will help you catch big fish and cash even bigger checks.

The V&M J-Bug is built specifically for flipping and pitching into heavy cover. Poured with a durable, yet soft plastic, the V&M J-Bug features a coned front that butts-up perfectly against concave weights to create a streamlined profile, making it easier to slip through tight spots. Super scented and fitted with four J-shaped appendages, the V&M J-Bug delivers a fluttering attraction that grabs the attention of bass as it moves through matted vegetation and timber. Offered in a number of custom colors, the V&M J-Bug delivers tournament-grade performance that is aimed at big, check-cashing bass.

When a company goes to the trouble of putting a patent on the claws of a trailer you know the action and appearance must be something special. NetBait did exactly that with their Paca Chunk trailers. The patented design gives the claws of the Paca Chunk an action never before seen in a trailer. The Paca Chunk works great as a jig trailer or it can be fished on a round ball jig head. NetBait also incorporated a solid body on the Paca Chunk so this trailer will stay secure anyway it is fished.

The Netbait Paca Punch features an all-new, stream-lined, oval-shaped body perfect for punching through thick vegetation. Once below the canopy, the patented Netbait claws come to life and deliver an action and presentation that bass can’t resist. The claws on the Paca Punch also create a helicopter effect on the fall, slowing the bait’s descent and increasing your time in the strike zone. A perfect flipping and punching bait, it also works great dragged on a Texas-rig or Carolina-rig, or even as a jig trailer. Available in a range of proven Netbait colors, the Netbait Paca Punch is sure to pack a punch.  If you’re new stop by the learning center, watch some videos. Check out our bass fishing tips and techniques and learn how to fish with soft plastic bait and skirted bass jigs.