V&M Baits

The V&M Bait’s Wild Series is all about “wild” action, which is why the V&M Wild Craw and Wild Craw Jr. are designed with fluttering J-shaped claws that provide a lethal thumping action. Along the body, the V&M Wild Craw is fitted with a number of appendages that provide complimentary micro-movements. As with all other V&M products, the V&M Wild Craw is made using pork fat to attract fish and make them hold on longer. Offered in a range of proven colors, the V&M Wild Craw delivers the type of wild action that will have your live-well overflowing.

The V&M Flat Wild produces a lethal hard thumping action that can be used on almost any application and excels on Texas-rigs, Carolina-rigs, jigs, or flipping and pitching. Featuring two meaty claws and two long appendages, which provides its “wild” action, it also boasts a hefty body built with air trapping ribs that create a small bubble trail and subtle vibrations designed to entice strikes from wary fish. Just like all V&M soft plastics, the Flat Wild is infused with pork fat and super-scented for maximum fish attraction. Offered in a range of colors, the V&M Flat Wild delivers a “wild” action that will help you catch big fish and cash even bigger checks.

The all new V&M J-Bug was designed specifically for flipping and pitching to isolated and heavy cover with pinpoint accuracy. Its slim body design allows it to penetrate heavy cover while falling straight to assure it falls as close to the target as possible. Added appendages and ribs ensure lifelike action that the fish just can’t resist. It works great when rigged with an Elite Tungsten weigh and a 3/0 Mustad Flipping hook. It can also be used as a jig trailer and works excellent on a Carolina Rig.